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42536 Alcor CHT Sender Lead Type J 144

Alcor Multi-Probe Analyzers provide the peace of mind pilots want whether they are flying over mountains, oceans or just around home. By monitoring temperatures in each cylinder, a pilot has all the information necessary to safely and accurately tune and monitor the engine for desired performance and reliability. A single probe system is good, but with a multi-probe installation you can lower your flying costs by leaning for best economy which is important in these days of rising fuel costs.

What about troubleshooting benefits?
Does your magneto check show a fouled plug?
No problem! With an Alcor Analyzer you immediately know not only which cylinder but which spark plug to pull and clean, saving you both time and money!

High performance aircraft with limited cooling can also benefit from monitoring all Cylinder Head Temperatures (CHT). Engine controls and aircraft attitude can then be correctly set to avoid shock cooling while descending and overheating while climbing. Of all the instruments in your panel, an Alcor analyzer will save you more money than any other and perform as designed for many years to come.

The peace of mind is free!

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