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Aerox Boomula Headset Mounted Oxygen Cannula System

The Aerox BOOMULA is an integrated conserving-cannula, replacing the ubiquitous “mustache” cannula with a headset-mounted cannula. The conserving pendant feature is attached to the Aerox BOOMULA, moving it out of the way of the user’s face.

The Aerox BOOMULA has a unique hard-mounting feature for the Bose® A20 headset – with an included mount that screws into the headset, replacing the cover opposite the microphone mount, for easy access and removal. A universal, stick-on mount is included also.

In line with their reputation of providing the Easiest to Use Oxygen Systems for Pilots, the Aerox BOOMULA simply connects to any existing flowmeter/needle valve for universal use on nearly all aircraft. No proprietary conserver is required. The Aerox BOOMULA simply flips up when not in use and won’t interfere with the ear-to-cup seal on ANR headsets.

Aerox has been promoting the use of supplemental oxygen at altitudes as low as 8,000’ since blood-oxygen ratios can reach impairment-inducing levels at that altitude. The Aerox BOOMULA encourages oxygen use by being convenient, good-looking, and easy to use.

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