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Airtug NFE-6 Electric Aircraft TUG

This quiet electric model makes moving the aircraft a simple task for a single person by lifting the nose-wheel off the ground! Much easier to hookup and control the aircraft than a single wheel tug that is not able to lift the nose wheel off the ground. Simply attach the small towbar by hand to the aircraft and then winch the tow-bar / nose-wheel onto the raised platform for total control by the tug. The NFE-6 model AirTug® is extremely easy to use because of its’ unique “Thumb Throttle” system utilizing an electric transaxle with differential and on board Smart Battery Charger. For your safety, “Return to Brake” feature prevents any unintentional movement of the plane when the thumb throttle is released. There is no metal to metal contact, no gears to shift and no jerky clutching systems to quickly wear out. Its’ pinpoint handling allows the operator to pivot as tight as desired as a result of the differential transmission. All of these features simply make this quiet, aircraft tug a good value in the industry!

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