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B-Kool G5 24 Volt With Wireless

B-Kool, named 2015 Best Portable Cooler by Aviation Consumer, provides an affordable solution to your portable cooling needs. B-Kool is not an evaporative cooler and therefore works well in high humidity areas.
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Whether used in airplanes, campers, antique cars, or boats, B-Kool Portable Coolers readily fit most small spaces. Compact and weighing less than 10 pounds when empty, B-Kool Portable Coolers are easy to carry and stow.

A combination of ice (up to 25 pounds) and water (about 16 ounces) provides more than two hours of ice cold air. B-Kool recommends the use of block ice for the longest amount of cooling time.

Exclusive Kool-Flex vent hose is bendable and can be expanded to more than two feet. With air flow velocity of approximately 35 miles per hour, cool air can be effortlessly directed where needed.

B-Kool Portable Coolers are available in 12-volt and 24-volt units. Both units are available with either wireless remote control or with an on/off switch that plugs into a cigarette lighter.
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