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Checkmate Flywrite PAD 50SHEET

Finally, An Organized Place To Write Information
While In The Aircraft!
Use For Both IFR & VFR Flight.
FlyWrite™ an "in the cockpit" writing pad, has been developed out of the amazement of watching student pilots to CFII's jotting down needed radio and flight information on everything from gum wrappers to the palm of their hand. FlyWrite™ is not another "flight planning" layout. It is designed to give you a dedicated place for all the information that flows while in the cockpit of the aircraft.
FlyWrite™ organizes this flow of information into one convenient top-bound writing pad. Each pad contains 50 5" x 8" sheets and can be used with or without standard junior legal vinyl binders. The extra heavy cardboard backed binding serves as a firm writing surface and helps assure against lost or wind blown papers.
IFR clearances, ATIS, AWOS, frequencies, flight times, hobbs times, tach times, airport information , frequency changes, hand-off's, altitude changes, weather, etc, now have a home. There is also an area for random information or diagrams.
FlyWrite™ also contains a handy vertical scale which measures mileage for WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, JEPP, & ELA charts, eliminating the need for that ruler you can never find.
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