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Coastal Compact 2 Life Raft

Ideal for coastal boaters, the Coastal Compact raft bridges the gap between the lifejacket and a full-feature liferaft offering those travelling alone the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive raft available today. With double 200 lb. SuperRev ballast pockets, the Coastal Compact enhances stability in rough sea conditions. Its light weight allows for easy deployment and the compact size makes stowage easy in the smallest of spaces.

Operation is easy. Just open the red flap on the valise and extend the painterline. Give a hard pull and the raft inflates automatically in less than 30 seconds with Coastal Compacts high-tech, self-contained CO2 inflation system.

Coastal Compact raft is not recommended for offshore use. Coastal area only. Not certified.

Dimensions: 12X13X21

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