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Glareshield Piper PA28 Before 1974

Glareshields are designed for the Piper model PA28 and is made of FAA approved temperature stable Lexan covered with sound proofing foam and a non-glare vinyl that looks like leather. With a 3 inch eyebrow over the instrument panel, it not only adds beauty to your plane but also improves forward visibility. The Glareshield is easy to install and comes with all hardware and detailed instructions.

Aircraft Eligibility:
On this standard PA-28 glare shield the distance between the defroster holes is approximately 20 inches from center to center and has the SCAT defroster hose application. The standard models would include: most PA-28 aircraft made before 1974.

This glare shield WILL NOT fit late model PA 28-161, PA 28-181 or other Piper aircraft that have the newer type of defroster distribution ducting/system. Typically these models were built in 1978 or later. In the later model PA 28, the defroster holes are much further apart (approximately 22 ¾”) and do not have Scat hose but a fiberglass distribution system. If one is not sure, they can measure the distance between the defroster holes before ordering to determine if the glare shield will fit.

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