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GRT Mini X Efis

The Mini with three main goals in mind:
  • A small, lightweight, economical VFR EFIS system for LSA and light kitplanes
  • An affordable, high-quality backup to our larger EFIS systems for IFR operations
  • A stand-alone autopilot and backup flight instrument all in one.
As an IFR backup flight instrument, the Mini-X and Mini-AP can do what no other brand of backup display can do for GRT Horizon and Sport users:
  • Serve as an auxiliary autopilot control head for GRT servos that maintains an independent source of control if the main display unit should fail.
  • Utilize the same pilot interface as the popular Horizon and Sport series, meaning you will not have to remember a different brands buttonology in an emergency.

Dimensions: 7X8X11

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