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MH Alps Large Constant Flow Facemask W/0 MIC

MH ALPS FaceMask and the MH ALPS-M (for microphone) FaceMask. The ALPS-M is outfitted with an electronic "Clear-Speak" ambient noise-canceling microphone that enables pilots to fly with safety and comfort with clear, crisp voice communication and is compatible with most aircraft systems. The mask is easy to put on and exceptionally comfortable as it does not require a polyvinyl bag. The ALPS or the ALPS-M FaceMask can be used with any of the MH oxygen systems.

Note: The ALPS Mask come standard with a Constant Flow Feed Tube (13-11388).
For use with all Mountain High portable EDS systems, please see the "Accessories" tab for the EDS Style Feed Tube (13-13098).

Note: If returned, all cannulas and oxygen masks must be factory sealed.
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