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PA28/32 Speed Pants 10.5 MPH/8 HRS

FAA approved Laminar Flow Speed Pants will add up to 10.5 mph over bare wheels and up to 10.5 mph over stock wheel pants (pre-1978) for all Piper PA-28 and PA-32 aircraft models. A special pressure recovery design improves the rate of climb with most installations. 1977 and earlier model aircraft require Strut Fairings.

At 10 pounds, these second-generation Speed Pants are lighter and up to 5 times stronger than conventional Piper wheel pants. They are made of three layers of hand-laid, 10-ounce fiberglass with a high strength epoxy resin. Additional layers of Kevlar cloth are applied to stress areas. A removable panel allows easy access to brakes. Wing to wheel fairing improves the aesthetics of the main gear.

Note: If your PA 32 is from 1978 or older, you can install Fancy Pants (P/N: 05-22157) or Speed Pants (P/N: 05-03627). If 1978 and newer, you can only install Speed Pants (P/N: 05-22156 ).

Dimensions: 18X14X46

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