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Premium Winshield JET Shade Cirrus SR-20/SR-22/SR-22T

The Cirrus Windshield Solution is an absolute ‘must have’ for your Cirrus aircraft. With the sun beaming in from above-adding glare, eyestrain, headaches, and pilot fatigue to each flight, the upper windshield shade solves these problems by covering roughly the top 7 inches of your Cirrus windshield.

The windshield Jet Shade is a made from premium material, which is an enhanced proprietary blend that provides more protection and reduces additional eye strain on the pilots. This blend features a blue tint on the inside and a more mirrored look on the outside.

While this shade is removable during flight, we doubt you will remove it as it does not obstruct the view looking out the windshield and still provides great visibility.

If you only buy one Jet Shade for your Cirrus, this is the one to buy!

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