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Softseat 1 CMB Gray Aerobatic

Would you like to sit in your car, chair, boat, airplane, or anywhere else and be pain-freeno matter how long youre sitting? The SoftSeat® Portable Seat Cushion shifts your hips, pelvis and back into the proper, pain-free position. Helps minimize lower back pain from prolonged sitting. Eliminates pain from hot spots. Can raise or move you forward. Zippered and interchangeable parts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

They design their seat cushions so your hips and pelvis are shifted into the proper, pain-free sitting posture. After many years of listening to customer feedback and experiencing the SoftSeat® Portable Seat Cushions ourselves, they recommend you use a SoftSeat® Cushion Base with the SoftSeat® Lumbar Support for best results.

Thats why they created the SoftSeat® Portable Seat Cushion Base/Lumbar Combo as a Best Value option for customers.

A specially designed cutout SoftSeat® Cushion Base accommodates aircraft controls and restraint systems. Used successfully in all types of fixed wing and rotorcraft. Seat Cushion slides between person and seat-packed parachute without interfering with parachute straps. Can still be used for other seating (cars, boats, chairs, etc.). Cutout is 4¾" wide, 5½" deep.

Non-Skid Strips
More portable option use carry handle and move easily to different seats. Two wide x 10" long strips of black webbing with black non-skid rubber are hand sewn to the bottom of the cushion

1" Thick Portable Universal SoftSeat Cushion Base/Lumbar Combo (for limited headroom). For Aerobatic, Commercial and other Aircraft (cut-out Base).
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