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SUN Screen Pilot Small Silver

This general purpose sunshade provide "spot relief" on windows of any size. They are easily attached and removed to provide sun and glare protection wherever you need it.

Made of commercial grade exterior polyester blended Sun Protection screen that has been treated and sealed with a reflective polymer which gives the fabric its protective features. It is very durable, will not mildew, or fade. Tear and dirt resistant, the fabrics stand up to tough conditions and continue to look fresh for years. It is easily maintained with a mild detergent or a cockpit "wet-nap".

These fabrics are maintained under tension during the entire production process, resulting in superb dimensional stability that helps it to maintain its shape without bagging or sagging. Warranted for use inside and out.

  • Excellent solar protection-eliminates up to 86% of the sun's rays, excellent thermal reflective features
  • Ideal compromise between solar protection and light transparency
  • Provides significant external visibility
  • For use on the ground or in the air
  • Will not damage acrylic windows
  • Full custom sets available, call us at for a quote.

Dimensions: 1.5X4.75X6

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