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Switlik ALL PAX Life Preserver Blue

Whether outfitting a personal aircraft, or a fleet of passengers, the SWITLIK ALL-PAX life preserver is a perfect solution. The ALL-PAX Life preserver has maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of size, and provides sufficient flotation for children and adults making it a great product solution for a variety of passengers. Designed for easy donning and constant wear, the ALL-PAX passenger life preserver is perfect for over-water flight protection.

One-Size for all
The ALL-PAX is a true one-size-fits-all lie preserver, with a size range of 35lbs and above. The stow-able infant/child back strap converts the vest from adult to child-size with the ease of one attachment. This vest is perfect for a more secure fit on smaller wearers.

The front of the life preserver has two attachment buckels for a more secure fit on smaller wearers.

Simple deployment with new beaded handle
High visibility red handles are found on both sides of the life preserver for quick and simple deployment. They incorporate a breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging.

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