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Travel Chock Small Yellow

Travel chocks are a very light weight wheel chock designed for airplanes and other vehicles. Compact and easily stored, travel chocks are popular with pilots across the country. Powder coated in durable red, blue, or yellow finish. Available in 3 sizes. Chock set is for one wheel only.

1 1/2" angle x 6" long x 1/8"
thick heat treated alum.
2" x 2" x 8" 1/8 thick angle heat
treated alum.
3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 8" heat treated
3/16" thick alum.
Part Numbers ending with
-R indicates Red Finish,
-Y indicates Yellow Finish,
-B indicates Blue finish.

Dimensions: 2X2X6

Original price $28.62 - Original price $28.62
Original price
$28.62 - $28.62
Current price $28.62

Hazardous material

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