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Universal Sunvisor EXP A/C

Sun visors are priced and sold in pairs. The visors are bronze color which blocks the wavelengths of light that are scattered most by upper atmospheric and eye element “small-particle (Rayleigh)” scatter, which is wavelength-dependent.

Also, this color helps to shorten scotopic (night-vision) adaptation when used during twilight (the period between sunset and full-night darkness).

Universal Swivel Mounts - simplify installation into most homebuilt aircraft!
Lightweight hardware and optical quality bronze acrylic visor.
Designed, and visor tint specified, by eye doctor/pilot Dr. Steven DeGroff, to reduce, high-altitude and ocular media small-particle scatter and enhance vision at dusk, after sunset, when scotopic vision is used.
Hundreds of same class visors are field-approved and in use in the Comanche fleet.

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