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VOR Flash Cards

VOR-At-A-Glance flash cards are designed to show any pilot how to look at a VOR receiver and read it at a glance. There's no time in the cockpit to spend slowly analyzing the CDI needle and To/From indicator! You need to be able to read course, radial, and location information with just a quick glance at the VOR receiver!

VOR-At-A-Glance flash cards will teach you:
The difference between VOR courses and VOR radials
What the VOR does not show you
The best way to think about the course deviation indicator
Inbound vs. outbound course indications
How to instantly know your position relative to the VOR
Tricks for reading interception courses right off the VOR
Pilots need to be able to look at a VOR and read the information off immediately. It's just like when you first learned how to read. There is a big difference between the ability to sound the words out and the ability to look at a work and just read it. Pilots need to be able to "read" the VOR! Flash cards are the perfect solution to this problem. On the front of each quiz card is a question and a VOR display. On the back of the card is the answer to the question, an explanation of the answer, a map-view showing the locations of the aircraft and the VOR, and visual guidance on how to see the answer more quickly on the VOR. Flash cards are the perfect visual solution for a visual problem!

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