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Wheel Chocks Bare Aluminum Large Single

This product is unique compared to some of the other wheel chocks out there. These custom wheel chocks are lightweight aluminum for large corporate jets. These wheel chocks are carefully fabricated, engraved and then covered with durable powder coating available in grey, black, or orange.

These are extremely high quality and are a great addition for corporate jet operators to carry with them for many times when you fly to a ramp that doesn't have wheel chocks readily available. In addition to being stylish, these wheel chocks are very durable, long lasting and won't corrode.

These are offered as a single pair for nosewheel or as two pair (one for each main wheel).

Designed for single main wheel aircraft and are 12" long and made of .25" thick aircraft grade aluminum.

Attention: Non-Powdercoat 2 week lead time / Powdercoat 4 week lead time
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