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About us

Who are we?

Welcome to eShop.Aero, your trusted partner for all your aviation and pilot needs in Europe and in the USA. Our journey began with a vision to provide an unparalleled pilot shop, making us your one-stop solution for reliability, accessibility, and fast delivery.

Our Story

eShop.Aero was born out of a passion for addressing the diverse requirements of pilots and aviation enthusiasts across the globe. Our founders, driven by the belief that every need should be met with ease, embarked on a mission to create an aviation-oriented platform that brings people closer to the products they desire. Over the years, we have evolved, but our commitment to enhancing your aviation experience remains unchanged.


Our Commitment to Excellence

Our motto at eShop.Aero is simple: dedication. Every decision we make, every product we curate, aims at surpassing your expectations. Our handpicked range, spanning from daily essentials to rare treasures, is a testament to our commitment. Here, you don't just shop; you discover.

Service You Can Trust

In the world of online shopping, reliability isn’t a luxury; it’s a promise. A promise that your order is genuine, secured, and punctual. Dive into our extensive range with peace of mind, knowing that a personalized service experience awaits you. Whether it’s assistance with product selection or delivery updates, our dedicated representatives are a call away.

Global Reach, Personal Touch

From Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to the Americas – eShop.Aero knows no boundaries. Our intuitive online platform ensures that, wherever you are, premium aviation products are within arm's reach. Every click, every order, every delivery is a step towards a seamless shopping experience for you.


Your Desire, Our Directory

Whether it's the latest in aviation tech or an elusive part for a vintage aircraft, our expansive inventory has something for every aficionado. Can't spot what you're looking for? Simply reach out! With 24x7 support, there's always someone from eShop.Aero ready to help you navigate your needs.

Discover Your Perfect Shipping Option!

Option 1: AOG
(Aircraft On Ground)
Emergency Shipping:

Recognizing that certain situations demand swift action, our AOG option ensures that your items are dispatched immediately. Every minute counts, and we're here to ensure you don't lose any.

🚫 Zero Delays:

In the world of shipping, time is often the adversary. With our AOG option, we combat that by guaranteeing instant dispatch. Your package isn't just another number; it's a priority.

🎯 Direct Delivery:

We understand the urgency, and that's why our AOG service promises a direct line from our facility to your doorstep or job site, ensuring that there are no unnecessary stops or detours.

Option 2: ROU
(Routine Shipping)
📦 Consolidated Package:

We pride ourselves on efficiency. Whether you have a single item or multiple orders, our consolidation system ensures everything reaches you in one tidy, well-organized package.

🗓️ Weekly Shipping Ritual:

Life can get chaotic, but our regular shipping remains constant. Add your items to our shopping list and just remember to place your orders by Wednesday, and we'll ensure it's on its way in our weekly shipping cycle.

💡 Reliability Meets Cost-Effectiveness:

While we guarantee a top-tier shipping experience, we're also deeply committed to ensuring it doesn't break the bank. Experience a seamless shipping process, complemented by our custom packages tailored for affordability.

Option 3: DG PACK
(Dangerous Goods)
🧯 Specialized Handling for Hazardous Goods:

Shipping hazardous materials demands a unique touch. With our DG PACK option, we employ specialized handling techniques, ensuring your materials are treated with the care they deserve.

🔐 Safety Is No Accident:

In the world of hazardous goods, there's no room for error. We prioritize the utmost safety, ensuring your items, and everyone involved in the process, are well-protected.

💬 Custom Quotes to Fit Your Needs:

Every hazardous shipment is unique. Recognizing this, we offer custom quotes that reflect the specific needs and requirements of your items. Reach out, and we'll craft a shipping plan that's just right for you.

Option 4: REG
(Standard Shipping)
📌 Individual Item Focus:

Perfect for those standalone items, our Standard Shipping ensures your individual products are handled with care, ensuring they reach you in pristine condition.

📬 Trusted Couriers:

We collaborate with tried and trusted carriers like FedEx and USPS, ensuring your items are in capable hands from pick-up to delivery.

💰 Automated Price Calculation:

No surprises here! Our system automatically determines the best price based on the specific item, ensuring transparent and fair rates every time.

Thank you for choosing eShop.Aero as your preferred destination for all things Aviation. We're excited to serve you and be a part of your journey. Shop with us today and experience the perfect blend of reliability, accessibility, and fast delivery.

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