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#2 Seatbelt G-6574-5 Brown

These are top quality, new manufactured assemblies. They are designed, manufactured, and proof tested to rigid FAA standards. All seat belts use proven lift to release style Davis metal to metal buckles. Push-to-release buckles are not used due to difficulties in releasing under emergency conditions. Aircraft quality alloys and 2-inch nylon webbing are used throughout. Seatbelts are certified to FAA TSO-C22f.

It is customary to install belts with a slide adjustment bar which permits weaving webbing through fitting and through bar for secure installation. Drawing shows correct method of lacing the webbing through bar. This 56" adjustable seat belt offers a heavy-duty combination of all-nylon 2" wide herringbone webbing.

The end fittings for each side of the lap belt have a .325 in. dia. hole which allows for a fastener/bolt to slide through. Where that attaches to depends on the design of the aircraft/aircraft seat.

Dimensions: 2X2.5X5.5

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