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28-VOLT 35-AMP Ground Power Unit (Gpu) With Batteryminder

Safe, Affordable, Airframe Power for Piston and Light Turbine Aircraft

The Enhanced Flight 2835A GPU achieves a remarkable 89% electrical efficiency to provide up to 1,000W of power. Its cool running, switching-mode power modules provide massive amounts of stable, noise-free power from a 90-230 volts AC input. It will safely power the most delicate airframe systems with laboratorygrade DC without risk of costly damage to sophisticated avionics, instruments, or electronic equipment. This new generation GPU is designed as a practical alternative to large, expensive start carts, and battery chargers, and other devices designed primarily to spin starter motors. Unique, ergonomic design features dual, removable cord/tool caddies.

Dimensions: 8X14X15

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