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286-08 Carb Quick KIT

Marvel Schebler "Quick Kits" are easy to use, and are designed to save you time and money. Quick Kits include not only the recommended replacement parts used in every overhaul, but the additional parts used by all fuel professionals to insure the job is done right.

Kits include (where applicable): Throttle shaft lever, throttle shaft, throttle adjusting screw, throttle valve screws, inlet strainer screws, throttle body screws, mixture control lever screw, gasket kit, pump connection rod, throttle adjustment spring, throttle opening spring, idle adjustment spring, float lever shaft, pump stem, throttle shaft bushings, inlet strainer washer, pump stem retainer washer, mixture control lever washer, throttle body washers, throttle lever lock nut, float shaft cotter pin, throttle nut cotter pin, pump lever, pump plunger assembly and float valve seat assembly.
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