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Advanced Flight Ahrs Board

The ultimate panel buiding blocks, the Advanced Flight Systems AF-Series can be configured as an EFIS (EF), Engine Monitor (EM), or Combination (EE) or both with the appropriate hardware modules installed. The systems utilize Advanced Avionics Bus allowing the pilot and copilot displays to exchange screens. The AF-Series are powered by a state-of-the-art certified Crossbow AHRS engine.
  • EFIS Unlike other systems the horizon display is generated from an internal Crossbow AHRS that is based on certified boards and software. The display features a clear and easy to read airspeed indication with user adjustable color ranges, the altimeter is set using a familiar and convenient adjustment knob (other systems require numerous buttons presses), and the heading display is generated from a remote mounted magnetometer. The heading can be displayed on a tape across the top or with the new EFIS DG©. Other flight instruments functions include a slip ball and user-configurable g-meter.

  • Aircraft Monitoring and Data Acquisition System Developed from the successful AF-2500 monitor, these systems continuously monitor and display not only all aircraft engine data but several other aircraft functions as well. Unlike other systems, the display can be customized to the user's preference. Any of the standard instruments can be eliminated or added to the screen.

  • Mapping An optional feature, the AF-3400s/3500s can now be configured with onboard mapping. Position is derived from an outboard GPS signal and displayed on the screen. Several display page options can be selected.



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