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AE Auxiliary Fuel Pump Relay

The AFPR is a "Smart" Auxiliary Fuel Pump Relay. This device allows the pilot to flip one switch and quickly drain the contents of the auxiliary fuel tank without over stressing the auxiliary fuel pump. The AFPR will pump down the auxiliary fuel tank, and then automatically shut the fuel pump off when no fuel is detected. The AFPR optionally includes a very reliable optical fuel sensor that can be easily installed in the auxiliary fuel tank or in the fuel line. The AFPR can be operated in and one of four modes of operation. The AFPR also has an output that can be used for a light to indicate when the fuel pump-down has been completed.

The APFR was designed to mount near the fuel pump/auxiliary fuel tank. This eliminates running extra wires thru the wing or fuselage. This mounting method also allows the installer to use a shorter run for the fuel level sensor wiring and not use additional wiring through the wing. The AFPR can also be installed in the fuselage if limited space is a factor.

Dimensions: 6X6X6

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