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AE TWO Axis Relay Board 10A 24V

AE Relay Boards - Better than the Competition

These relay contacts are protected against inductive sparking generated from relays switching inductive loads such as motors and solenoids. The relay coils are also protected. This prohibits the relays from early failure. This also protects the switch contacts that drive the relay coils from failure.

10A Relay - (available in 12V to 14V or 24V to 28V operation) and available in in 1 Axis, 2 Axis or 3 Axis control.
Stack up to 3 relay boards to save panel space. Terminals are easily accessible.

Each board contains two, SPDT relays (Form C). Each relay has one normally closed contact and one normally open contact). Each relay board is 3" wide by 1-3/8" deep by 3/4" high. The fastening standoffs measure 3/8" high. This makes the single board overall height 1-1/8".

The relay coils are actuated by pulling them down to common or ground. If you desire to operate them pulled up to + bus voltage, special order requests can be accommodated at no additional charge.
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