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Aero-Classics OIL Cooler 8001467

Aero Classics now offers the General Aviation community the largest number of FAA-PMA
(Federal Aviation Administration - Parts Manufacturing Authority) approved oil coolers in the world.

Remote-mount oil coolers mount to the airframe or engine baffle instead of directly to the engine. Hoses are used to connect the oil cooler to the engine. This type of oil cooler is used with most non-Continental engines including all Lycoming engines. All FAA-PMA approved with supporting FAA 8130-3 documentation unless otherwise noted. All models have 3/8 NPT inlets and outlets.
All Aero-Classic coolers come with a full two year warranty.

Note: Models 8000081, 8000706 & 8000942 are for experimental aircraft only. Not FAA-PMA Approved.
***May not work with all applications***

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