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Aerox RK-PB1 W/ Fmnv Option

Oxysaver Cannula, this comfortable device may be used in place of a mask at altitudes up to 18,000 feet MSL. It has a conserving feature that can extend your oxygen supply up to eight times.

Aerox Flowmeter/Indicator--this device not only indicates oxygen flow but also reads directly in thousands of feet MSL.

Aerox Flowmeter/Indicator has dual scale--useable for Oxysaver Cannulas or masks.

Aerox Adjustable Flow Valve--an all metal, thumb screw operated needle valve allows you to precisely control flow. The adjustable needle valve is attached to the outlet end of the connector supplied with your system. Flow can now be controlled precisely for altitude and type of equipment (Oxysaver cannula, mask or regular cannula). The flowmeter and needle valve may also be co-located.

Note: If returned, all cannulas and oxygen masks must be factory sealed.

Dimensions: 1.5X8X9

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