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Aerox System 4E-500 24 Cubic Feet

Note: All systems include flowmeters and cannulas and require refilling adapter unless, at an airport.

Prior to the introduction of the Aerox system, wise pilots reserved the use of oxygen for situations where it was legally necessary, i.e. above 12,500 ft. This was often a practical decision based upon factors like Short duration of supply, uncomfortable masks, difficult & costly refills, heavyweight and large bulk. Aerox systems address these objections with advanced designs and materials that help make oxygen use easier, more comfortable, and less expensive than ever before. Add to your flying comfort by using oxygen at altitudes as low as 5000 feet.

Aerox Oxygen Systems include lightweight aluminum cylinders, regulators, all hardware, flowmeter, and nasal cannulas (masks available as an option). Oxysaver oxygen saving cannulas and Aerox Flow Control Regulators increase the duration of oxygen supply about four times and prevent nasal irritation and dryness. The Emergency Oxygen Packs are lightweight aluminum, refillable, & have no life limit. Just put on the mask and open the valve; no adjustment is needed. Complete brochure available on request.

Note: Comes with 500 series regulator.

Dimensions: 6X13X22

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