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AFC-W309-B Airwolf Air/Oil Separator

The Airwolf Air/Oil Separator will improve the efficiency of your aircraft dramatically whether it is a single engine fun craft of a twin powered corporate plane. Designed to separate air and oil in the crankcase breather & wet vacuum pump systems on conventional aircraft engines, Airwolf recovers oil from the crankcase, thus eliminating the oily overboard discharge and the ever present "oily belly" syndrome. Oil loss is greatly reduced - tests have indicated a recovery of up to 80% of crankcase oil previously wasted, depending on the type and condition of the engine.

The Airwolf oil recovery system is only slightly larger than an oil filter cartridge (4" dia. x 7.5") and it is available for all conventional engines regardless of displacement. It can be easily removed and disassembled for inspection and cleaning. With no moving parts, the Airwolf is designed to last the life of your engine. Available for planes with either wet or dry vacuum pump. STC'd for most aircraft. Available in black epoxy finish only. Specify aircraft model no., serial no., and engine model. Manufactured by Airwolf.

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