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AIR Transportation BY Wensveen 6TH Edition

Now in its Sixth Edition, Air Transportation by John Wensveen is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of air transportation management.

In addition to explaining the fundamentals, this book now takes the reader to the leading edge of the discipline, using past and present trends to forecast future challenges the industry may face and encouraging the reader to really think about the decisions a manager implements. The Sixth Edition contains updated material on airline passenger marketing, labor relations, financing and heightened security precautions Arranged in sharply focused parts and accessible sections, the exposition is clear and reader-friendly.

Air Transportation is suitable for almost all aviation programs that feature business and management. Its accessible structure and style make it highly suitable for modular courses and distance learning programmes, or for self-directed study and continuing personal professional development.

Preface; Part 1 An Introduction to Air Transport: Aviation: an overview; Historical perspective; Air transportation: regulators and associations; The general aviation industry. Part 2 Structure and Economics of Airlines: The airline industry; Economic characteristics of the airlines. Part 3 Managerial Aspects of Airlines: Airline management and organization; Forecasting methods; Airline passenger marketing; Airline pricing, demand, and output determination; Air cargo; Principles of airline scheduling; Fleet planning: the aircraft selection process; Airline labor relations; Airline financing. Part 4 The International Scene: International aviation; Appendices; Index.

Dimensions: 2X7X10

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