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Alcor Alcal 2000 + System Tester

ALCAL 2000+ EGT/CHT TESTER: The Alcal 2000+ provides everything needed for accurate calibration and troubleshooting of EGT/CHT/TIT, Type K, J, and E systems. The tester will simulate thermocouple output millivolts so that instruments can be calibrated on the ramp or in the shop. The Alcal 2000+ will also receive a millivolt input while testing Alcor and other thermocouples installed in its special heater for accurate analysis at operating temperatures.

The Alcal 2000+ is also designed to check the accuracy of an entire system or the individual components. While the thermocouple is in the heater, the instrument can be read in the panel and recalibrated as necessary while simulating temperatures up to 1750 F. An easy-to-read LCD display makes accurate settings a snap. With its rugged Pelican case, the Alcal 2000+ is ready to use anywhere! Certification of the Alcal 2000+ is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Dimensions: 4X8X18

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