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AMP 28 PIN CPC Bulk Head Male Base Connector KIT

Note: Connector kits will work with 20 to 22 AWG wire sizes.

The Sealed CPC using UL F1-rated resin is ideal for UV resistance in outdoor applications. The UL F1 rating meets industry standards for long-term UV exposure, making the housings suitable for outside applications where parts are subject to frequent or extended periods of exposure to sun light. The CPC is sealed to IP67 with no additional enclosure needed to protect the mated connector from water exposure, making it easier to install and lowering the cost of installation. The circular configuration requires less space than a rectangular-style connector with an equal number of contacts for an efficient use of space on your equipment.

Receptacle and plug housings accept Type III+ signal contacts and/or AMP POWERBAND (size 8) contacts. The housings come in three series designed to handle standard signal, power with current up to 50A per contact and combinations of signal and power in the same housing. All housing variations include sealing to IP67. Mounting options include panel mount and free-hanging.

Note: Series 2 connector kits only.
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