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ASL EGT KIT 6C 2-1/2 Clamp Type Probes ET206P3

Aerospace Logic AOG Expedite Available, additional charges will apply.

The ET206 is a full color EGT instrument that provides simultaneous, real-time display of all six cylinders. Instruments with a T suffix contain full turbine inlet temperature functionality. TIT instrument kits include a bayonet TIT probe for use in pressurized environments. Exhaust gas temperature and TIT functionality is TSO'd and meets the temperature accuracy requirements of SAE AS8005 for a Class IIa (+/- 1%) instrument.

Functional displays include:

  • Real-time six cylinder temperature display with optional TIT functionality
  • Menu select option for fast selection of
    display type
  • Automated rich-of-peak (ROP)
    leaning function
  • Automated lean-of-peak (LOP)
    leaning function
  • Single cylinder temperature monitoring while retaining graphic indications for all cylinders
  • Graphic trend analysis and viewing of all cylinders simultaneously

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