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ASL Four Cylinder EGT CHT Combination KIT

Aerospace Logic AOG Expedite Available, additional charges will apply.

Four Cylinder EGT and CHT Combination Kit with Probes

The ECT204 is a full color EGT and CHT combination instrument that provides simultaneous, real-time display of all four cylinders. This kit includes four Type-K ungrounded, EGT thermocouple probes of your choice, four Type-J ungrounded, CHT thermocouple probes of your choice and , all connectors and installation hardware.

Both Cylinder head and Exhaust gas temperature functionality is TSO'd and meets the temperature accuracy requirements of SAE AS8005 for a Class IIa (+/- 1%) instrument. Functional displays include:

Real-time four cylinder temperature display:
Menu select option for fast selection of display type
Automated rich-of-peak (ROP) leaning function for EGT
Automated lean-of-peak (LOP) leaning function for EGT
Automated shock cooling monitoring for CHT
Single cylinder temperature monitoring while retaining graphic indications for all cylinders (Both CHT and EGT simultaneously)
Graphic trend analysis and viewing of all cylinders simultaneously (selectable for EGT or CHT)
The ECT204 kits are TSO'd and STC'd as a primary replacement instruments under all flight conditions (day/night VFR and IFR).

Dimensions: 6X6X10

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