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Avidyne IFD510 With Install KIT & Tray - Gps/Wifi/Bt/Flta/Svs - Gray Bezel

The IFD510 panel-mounted FMS Navigator provides SBAS/LPV capability for a wide range of legacy aircraft. The IFD510 is designed as a slide-in replacement for legacy GNS500 Series Navigators and shares the same same FMS feature set as the IFD540 minus the VHF radio. In addition to the full color plan-view Moving Map, the IFD510 provides an exocentric 3D Synthetic Vision display of terrain with hazard alerting, obstacles, and traffic. Everything you need to see on a bright, easy-to-view 5.7 touchscreen.

As with all of Avidyne's IFDs, the IFD510 includes many great features that make operation much easier including FMS Preview, which lets you easily create, upload and review your flight plans visually with changes shown on the screen before selection. And with Avidyne's patented GeoFill, in-flight changes are a snap because the IFD510 predicts your next entry based on your location, not the sequence in the database.

Dimensions: 8X11X17

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