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Bearingnose Gear 99-820099

PMA Products Inc. replacement OEM equivalent parts for your aircraft.

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FAA-PMA approved replacement parts to maintain your Beech aircraft economically while keeping the highest standards of airworthiness. From general maintenance to landing gear overhaul, listed are the most commonly utilized parts available. Some listed parts are not even offered by the OEM. Instead of replacing your entire expensive fuel cap when you need a main seal, use 05-07363 fuel cap seal 457-98 or 05-07332 fuel cap seal 38241 (check eligibility).

Dont throw away your Curtis fuel drain if it needs a seal, use 05-07497 drain valve seal CCA1269 or 05-07496 drain valve seal CCA1319.

If you operate a King Air and your windshield wiper is worn out, dont replace the entire arm for hundreds of dollars, use 05-07383 wiper blade refill 50-384082 and keep the rest of your money for fuel.
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