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Becker AR 6201 COM Radio 2-1/4 With 25 AND 8.33 Spacing

AR6201 series of square sized VHF transceivers from Becker are a family of affordable airborne radios optimized by their functionalities, state of the art technology, compact dimensions, and low weight for many different aircraft categories in general aviation, from smaller to larger aircraft.

The radios fit in any 2 1/4 inch cut out for easy installation and the different models are equipped with sunlight readable LC displays and high performance transmitters with 6 or 10 watts power output, continous power supply from 10.25 to 33 V DC, 8.33 kHz / 25 kHz channel spacing, sensitive receiver, VOX intercom and many other features.
  • 8.33 or 25 kHz
  • Supply voltage 9-33 V DC
  • 6 W or 10 W transmit power
  • Scan (SCN) mode active/preset frequency
  • Tandem Operation
4 place VOX controlled intercom, separated PTT keys, tandem (parallel operation of 2 displays) capable connection with RCU620 1. The VHF transceiver also contains a channel memory function for automatically/manually frequency storage. The last 9 used (active) frequencies are always stored automatically. In addition a manual storage of up to 99 different frequencies is possible and a user defined text label for each stored frequency can be assigned.
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