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Bruces Engine Inlet Plugs Diamond DA20 Katana Eclipse

The Original and World's Finest Aircraft Covers for Airplanes, Jets, Helicopters, Gliders and QEC Off-link Jet Engines.

Once the material for each order is cut into its appropriate parts, highly trained sewing machine operators meticulously assemble the products with durable thread, rivets, and canvas trim.

Engine Inlet Plugs are custom fit for your intakes, made with heavy-duty vinyl material, and stuffed with a single block of sculpted urethane foam. Each plug has a zipper that allows the foam to be removed and dried if necessary. Engine plugs have warning flags that are visible from the cockpit or 'remove before flight' streamers sewn onto the face of the plugs. Most plugs can be imprinted with the aircraft registration number in black. Engine plugs may be inserted after flight when the engine is still warm. Engine Inlet Plugs are commonly referred to as Cowl Plugs, Intake Plugs, Cowl Blocks, Engine Blocks, and Engine Bungs.

Dimensions: 7X11X15

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