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Bruces Travel Canopy Cover Cessna 177 Cardinal

The Original and World's Finest Aircraft Covers for Airplanes, Jets, Helicopters, Gliders and QEC Off-link Jet Engines.

Once the material for each order is cut into its appropriate parts, highly trained sewing machine operators meticulously assemble the products with durable thread, rivets, and canvas trim.

Canopy Covers help reduce damage to your airplane's upholstery and avionics caused by excessive heat, and they can eliminate problems caused by leaking door and window seals. They keep the windshield and window surfaces clean and help prevent vandalism and theft

When requested, it is also sometimes possible to design Canopy covers that can attach to the aircraft fuselage using pop-riveted snap-heads at the rear and snap-head screws on the engine cowl.

The Canopy Cover is custom sewn and the corners are trimmed to match the colors of the airplane. The airplane's registration number can be imprinted onto both sides of the cover for an additional charge. A duffle bag is included with all Canopy Covers. Each Canopy Cover is normally made from Silver Acrylic Sunbrella or Silver Solution-Dyed Polyester and is lined 100% with a soft and smooth microfiber. Bruce's Custom Covers developed these materials especially for aircraft protection. The outer material is medium-weight and treated for water resistance, UV resistance and anti-static buildup. The inner lining is a very soft and smooth microfiber to prevent scratching. The materials are extremely reflective, and tests show that the cabin interior temperature can be reduced to near-ambient temperature on even the hottest of days. It is water, ice and snow repellent, yet breathable enough to allow moisture to escape from between the cover and the aircraft surface. Our materials do not contain hydrocarbon compounds that can harm Plexiglas windshields and acrylic finishes. Other colors are available. Please contact us for availability and price. We also have an ultra-lightweight material available for fitted hangar dust covers.

Canopy Covers are commonly referred to as Cabin Covers, Fuselage Covers, Canvas Covers, Canopy Caps, etc.

Dimensions: 9X13X19

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