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Bruces Wing Covers Vans Aircraft RV-10

The Original and World's Finest Aircraft Covers for Airplanes, Jets, Helicopters, Gliders and QEC Off-link Jet Engines.

Once the material for each order is cut into its appropriate parts, highly trained sewing machine operators meticulously assemble the products with durable thread, rivets, and canvas trim.

The Wing Covers are a perfect solution to protect your paint from sun damage and prevent winter frost, snow, ice buildup, and corrosion. They are made from Solution-Dyed Polyester or Acrylic Sunbrella and form-fit to slip around each wing tip, cover the entire upper surface of the wing and wrap around the leading and trailing edges. The covers secure under the wing with adjustable straps from the trailing edge to the leading edge. The wing covers can also attach to each other with adjustable straps at the leading and trailing edges of the wing under the belly of the plane. In some instances, cut-outs are made in the trailing edge of the wing covers to accommodate static wicks. We have the ability to also accommodate wing tip modifications, such as STOL kits, droop tips, and vortex generators. Wing covers are labeled LEFT and RIGHT for your convenience. Wing Covers are available for winter use or long-term, all-year use. A Hail Protection version can be made which incorporates very dense closed cell foam into the entire upper surface of the wing covers to help prevent hail damage. Although these covers are bulky, they do help protect your wing and control surfaces against small to medium-size hail.

Dimensions: 7X16X28

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