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Cable & CHN KT CCKT172175-13S

Complete flight control and trim chain kits for each of the 150 different cable groups required to service all single engine aircraft from the model 120 through model 185 airplanes. It is a tedious and time consuming job to research the part manuals for all of the cables required for a complete aircraft. McFarlane has done the research and has all of the s required for your aircraft. You not only gain tremendous time savings with McFarlane cable kits, you receive substantial price discounts.

We carry all of the cables in either Galvanized-Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel. All components are fully traceable, high quality, and proof tested.

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel Cable?

Stainless steel is very corrosion resistant and works well in tough environments such as salt air, water saturation, or agricultural chemicals. Galvanized carbon steel and stainless cables are soaked in a Mil spec rust preventative and lubricating compound. In normal environments the galvanized cable will not suffer from corrosion damage for decades. The advantages of galvanized cable are its wear resistance and cost. It will resist abrasion wear four or five times longer than stainless steel as stainless steel wire is high in nickel and much softer than the carbon steel wire. Stainless steel cable will show signs of wire wear at pulleys and fairleads much quicker than the galvanized carbon steel wire and stainless steel cable costs about 30% more than galvanized carbon steel cable. We recommend using galvanized steel cables except in coastal geographical areas, agricultural aircraft, float planes, and other applications where the cable is exposed directly to water.

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