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CEET-7 Ducting 1 3/4 13FT

Sold by the foot.

Ducting used to convey air or gaseous fluids at medium temperatures and with high resistance to aging. Vena® MTD is manufactured with two fiber glass textile reinforcements and it is covered with black neoprene rubber compound and coated with non-visible steel wire. These hoses have excellent flexibility and excellent aging resistance.


These hoses are specially recommended in gas conduction at medium temperatures.
  • Electronic unit cooling.
  • Hot air conduction in printing machinery.
  • Hot air conduction in plastic bag production machinery.
  • Engine exhaust fumes extraction.
  • Welding gas suction.


This product is manufactured with two fiber glass textile reinforcements covered with neoprene rubber compound in black and coated with non-visible steel wire.


Operational temperature range from -55ºC (-67ºF) to +125ºC (257ºF). It may reach up to 150ºC (302ºF) during short periods of time.


  • The fiber glass covered with neoprene used to manufacture this product is classified as M1 according to UNE 23.727-90 Standard.
  • The fiber glass covered with neoprene doesnt contain heavy metals and any fireproof substance.
  • EU Directive 2002/95/ECC of restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
  • UNI CEI 11170-3 Acceptance criteria for materials and components of equipment
  • DIN 5510-2 Fire tests for railway components
  • Burning Behaviour of materials used in interior construction of certain categories of motor vehicles (Directive 95/28/EC) and following REGULATION No 118 of the ECONOMIC COMMISSION for EUROPE of the UNITED NATIONS
  • Regulation 118 ANNEX 6 Horizontal burning rate
  • Regulation 118 ANNEX 7 Melting behaviour
  • Regulation 118 ANNEX 8 Vertical burning rate

Available Sizes

Stock diameter listed in ordering grid. Diameters not listed are available as a special order in full lengths only. Full factory lengths are up to 13 ft. Varies by warehouse. For lengths over 13 ft, contact sales to confirm availability.

Dimensions: 12X12X12

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