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Champion Ignition Lead 53247

Champion Aerospace designs and manufactures a full range of aerospace ignition leads for turbine engine applications. Ignition leads from Champion Aerospace are available for a wide range of turbine engines, from small turbine APU applications to the large GE and PW turbofan engines, including the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines for A380 aircraft.

Champion-brand leads are designed and constructed to offer the most effective and efficient conduit between the engine exciter and igniter. They offer higher delivered energy than similarly constructed competitive brands, with less flashover, greater shielding and increased airflow in air-cooled leads. Champions air cooled ignition leads feature patent pending designs that will assure maximum cooling air flow throughout the service life of the lead when installed with Champion designed igniters.

Contact your authorized Champion distributor to enquire about Champions ignition lead exchange program.

Dimensions: 0.5X7X9

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