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Cht/Egt 2 Round

Superior to any other type of pyrometer available. This gauge is suitable for use on sport aircraft. It is constructed with a heavy duty, vibration and shock proof precision jeweled mechanism. Unlike other brands, these units are temperature compensated. That is, changes in ambient air temperature will not affect the gauge display. This gauge, when installed as instructed, will perform within 2% of accuracy. Like other Micro1000 gauges, these units come with our standard 2-year warranty. Order gauges, probes, and extension leads separately.

Scaled 0-1700° F Requirements EGT Probe Options (requires one of): EP131, EP130, EP130R, EP132 or EP133
CHT Probe Options (requires one of): CP130, CP131, or CP132
Leads for the probes listed above are sold separately.
EGT LEAD (requires one of either): EPE130.07 or EPE130.15
CHT LEAD (requires one of either): CPE130.07 or CPE130.15

Gauge Installation The gauge should be mounted in the panel. Round gauges from the front are secured with a U-clamp in the rear. Square gauges from the rear are secured by four provided brass instrument screws and nylock nuts. Connections to Gauge You must use the Micro-1000 extension lead. This is the thermocouple lead and cannot be substituted with normal electrical wire. Fifteen foot extension can be shortened down to a minimum of 7 feet. Seven foot leads may not be shortened. If you have excess leads then bundle and secure them with cable ties or other save method. Wire the backlight if desired or leave unconnected. Connect the probe leads to the instrument as shown in the illustration below. Connect the extension lead to the probe leads matching to the corresponding colors. Red to red, purple to purple, and yellow to yellow. EGT leads connect the "L" terminals on the gauge. Yellow wire goes to the + positive terminal and red lead connects to the - negative terminal. CHT leads connect to the "R" terminals on the gauge. The red lead connects to the positive terminal and the purple lead connects to the - negative terminal.

Dimensions: 3.25X6.5X6.5

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