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Circuit Breaker PSM-15

Feature a bi-metallic snap-acting disc as the sensing element. The PS series of breakers are designed to interrupt short circuits or overloads and combines trip-free protection with fast response time. The PS series thermal breaker is widely used in production and military aircraft where precise ultimate trip characteristics are required. 2 to 35 Amp Precision Thermal Circuit Breaker. Models PSM and PSM-N are available in the following ampere ratings 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35. When ordering specify if neck-mounting style is wanted by placing N after ampere rating. Example: PSM-10N

For weatherproof circuit breakers in ratings from 50 to 150 amperes, order Model PDLM. The large frame PDL series thermal breakers are designed to meet the harshest environmental requirements. The PDL series breakers are weatherproof for protection against moisture, dust, grease, fuel vapors, and other harsh environments.
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