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CM-6S Aurora Bearing

CM-S & CB-S Series Male Rod Ends with Studs, General Purpose - Economy
  • Body - Carbon steel, protective coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Ball - Sintered steel, heat treated, oil impregnated.
  • Stud - Carbon steel, protective coated for corrosion resistance.Right hand threads are standard.
  • Alternate Ball - Alloy steel, heat treated, hard chrome plated.
  • Grease Fitting available for sizes -6 and up. Units are supplied without grease fittings. When a grease fitting is required, specify by adding suffix "Z" or "F". Ex.: CM-6SZ = Zerk Type Fitting CM-6SF = Flush Type Fitting.
  • Optional grease fitting is supplied, standard, in right hand location as illustrated (with stud facing you). Specify if left hand location is desired.
  • Please contact the Engineering Department for load capacities.

Dimensions: 1X2X2.5

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