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Collector HD CES0003

Cessna Aircaft parts

When requesting STC Documents an additional charge may apply. STC Documents must be requested at time of order and my not be cancelled or returned.

F. Atlee Dodge has been providing quality aviation services since 1957, known for modifications to Super Cubs and many other types of aircraft, along with supplying a wide selection of general aviation aircraft parts. Products such as:
  • Engine Cowlings
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Heaters
  • Folding Seats
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks
  • Float Fittings
  • Skis & Ski Rigging Parts
  • Enclosed Baggage Compartments
  • Shoulder Harnesses & Attach Mounts
  • Custom Steps & Stainless Steel Handles
  • Super Cub Landing Gear Components
  • Super Cub Tailfeathers, Standard & oversize
  • External Load Modification

It is emphasize that some of these products are intended to provide components primarily for non-certificated/experimental aircraft, and other possible non-aviation uses. Just because it fits doesn't make it appropriate for aircraft, please be sure to check with the FAA if using outside the parameters of experimental aircraft.
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