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Concorde Sealed Battery RG-390E/LH

Concorde® recombinant gas (RG® Series) valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) heated batteries for engine starting and emergency / essential power applications are constructed with cutting edge Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. Concordes proprietary PolyGuard® Microporous Polyethylene Separator shields the positive plates against shorting, shock or vibration. No other manufacturer offers this dual layer insulation protection feature.

The RG-390E/LH is a Concorde® Platinum Series® Aircraft Battery. The Platinum Series® is comprised of premium hand made AGM Aircraft Batteries with excess power for many applications.
  • Superior starting power
  • Reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure
  • Low impedance design
  • Maintenance free
  • Constructed with non removable vent valves - no addition of electrolyte or water required
  • Internal AC Heater - 115 VAC
  • Internal DC Heater - 28.25 VDC
  • Aerobatic: Non spillable at any altitude or attitude
  • Factory tested to assure airworthiness
  • Shipped fully charged
  • RG® Series batteries ship HAZMAT EXEMPT
RG-390E/LSH is a powdered coated aluminum container with vent tubes, fabric lifting straps and stainless steel hold down bar.

Concorde RG-390E/LH assembly as shown in the photo above consists of the RG-390E/LH battery and a Heater Control Unit (HCU). HCU types vary in style for use in multiple configurations.
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