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DB Assembly P-2850E Apu/Charger European

The D B Assembly, Inc P-2850 Aircraft Ramp Power Supply and Battery Charger is a dual-purpose aircraft flight line service and maintenance tool. The unit has a filtered 28-volt DC power supply with up to 50 amperes capability for tests of aircraft electrical systems and a secondary mode for recharging run-down batteries.

This ramp or hangar accessory is an absolute must for avionics service, gear and flap actuator exercising and other electrical system service.

The P-2850 plugs directly into the aircraft APU connector and is tied to the electrical system when the master switch is activated.

The battery charging mode is selected by a front panel switch. The charging process is fully automatic. When the charge is in progress a red LED is illuminated. This is replaced by a green LED when the aircraft battery is fully charged. The ON/OFF switch on the unit also resets the unit.

The 14-volt version, P-1450 provides 50 amperes of filtered DC at 14 volts.

Dimensions: 12X12X16

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