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E-Book PLT Radio Comm H/B

Featuring the newest VFR -- as well as IFR -- regulations and procedures, this new edition includes the most current information needed to become proficient in the area of radio communications.

An up-to-the-minute revision of the VFR pilots' source book, this handbook adds important depth to the most thorough treatment of how to communicate confidently from the cockpit. In addition to updates of preceding editions, there are two brand-new chapters: one covers NTSB-provided examples of incidents caused primarily by human errors in communications; the other gives guidelines designed specifically to help pilots become more skilled communicators in an era of ever-busier airspaces and airports.

VFR communications skills are surprisingly under addressed in modern pilot training. This essential reference fills the gap with detailed coverage encompassing all the fundamentals including radio facilities and communication responsibilities.

With specific examples of how to conduct dialogue, and how dangerous assumption-making can be in the course of communicating, the book offers thorough grounding in:

  • Competence in cockpit communications;
  • How to avoid communication failures;
  • Airspace classifications summary controlled and uncontrolled airspaces defined;
  • Multicom airport radio communications (including a simulated landing and takeoff using Multicom);
  • Unicom airport radio communications (including a simulated landing and takeoff using Unicom);
  • Flight Service Stations and radio communications;
  • Automatic Terminal Information Service;
  • Ground Control; transponders; Approach/Departure Control;
  • Working with Air Route Traffic Control Centers on VFR flights;
  • What to do if you have radio failure ;
  • Cross-country flight.
This is the only place that gives pilots everything they need to be excellent VFR communicators.
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